Meet Werner Niemand

Owner Of Black Pearl Master Detailing


Meet Werner Niemand

Owner Of Black Pearl Master Detailing

Black Pearl Master Detailing humble beginnings was a dream and love for cars and was born out of the boot of a Citi Golf in 2013. In the crawling stages, I went out to car dealership for about 10 to 12 months and then decided to leave the dealership industry and start focusing on better workmanship and quality.

I therefore started doing private house calls up until 2015. I was called by Marco at “Race SA” to come and do a few cars for them, one thing lead to another and we were given the opportunity to move into their building and work alongside them.  This was the perfect stepping-stone and learning curb I could ask for.  I had gained immense knowledge, experience, and high-quality workmanship.  This exposure in my life journey was priceless.  

I then decided to go on my own and I wanted to change the carwash/car care industry completely by opening “Black Pearl Carwash and Car Care Centre” in Pretoria East, and really did well in a short period of time (8 Months). This opportunity showed me how crucial and important customer service is. Theunis from “Reconstructed Customs” gave me a blessing thereafter to move to their premises and form a joint venture where we can work together and forming the perfect combination – Customization and Detailing!

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Werner was tasked with making my 13 year old Porsche 911 look years younger. The car is my daily driver, so he really did have his work cut out for him. Add to the fact that grey is hardly the most inspiring colour to work on, or so I thought. I am simply blown away with the results! The shine is almost unbelievable. All the little marks on the paint work were removed and some nasty holograms banished as well. Parked in the sun – the depth and sparkle in the colour can now be seen. Who knew grey could look so cool. Thanks again Werner!

-Stuart Mack


Wow! I just want to thank Werner and his team for an amazing job on our car. Thank you very much guys. Our car looks even better than when we got it new. All swirls and every little mark collected over the last year is gone and the car shines like a bottle. Every little inch of the car has been treated with such precision and great care.
Thank you guys, if anyone wants the best treatment for their beloved wheels, I would definitely recommend Black Pearl.

-Francois Van Jaarsveld


Absolutely fantastic. I would recommend Werner and his team again and again. Very professional service and extreme care is taken when working on your car. Werner is very easy to deal with and will always try to make a plan to help out. Go and support them, your car will thank you.

-Rudolph Barnard


Second round for the Golf R at Black Pearl. Werner and his team did an awesome job with some tricky paint issues. Their meticulous attention to detail keeps it shiny and scratch free. It will be back, because my OCD has OCD and I’ll scratch it again.

Thanks Werner, top job.

-Graham Savage

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