About Us

What do you love about detailing?

My tagline is “Never Rush A Good Thing” resonates in my passion for cars and detailing i.e. focusing on the details. I have been blessed to detail more than 300 exotic and super cars.

What is your value proposition?
  • Investment – your master detail investment will maintain (if not, enhance) the value of your car.
  • Products – high quality detailing products that provides longer lasting superior finishes.
  • Customer Service – friendly service, simple explanations, meet and exceed expectations.
  • Quality – our experience and passion for details ensure high standards of quality.
What is your favourite detailing tool?

My favourite detailing tool is the Rupes Polisher.

What was your favourite vehicle to detail?

There are way too many to mention. But I have detailed Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, McLarens, etc. Since I am online, I must say that my wife’s car was done with most love 😉

What was your toughest vehicle to work on?

I’ve had a few tough vehicles with oily engines, deep scratches, bird droppings, heavy swirls, tar and rubber on paintwork (and one or two very tough customers).

What’s your favourite products?

My favourite products is the Farecla G3 and Gyeon range.

What advice can you give your customers?

Don’t use the automated car wash as this may cause swirls and scratches.

Bird droppings are nasty and really damage paintwork. Ensure that the bird droppings are washed off as soon as possible.

How long have you been detailing cars?

I have been detailing cars since 2013 – six years.

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