Decontamination Wash

The decontamination wash is a crucial step that needs to be carried out before proceeding to the paint correction phase. We start with the engine bay using steam cleaning technology or a high-pressure washer. The amount of oil, grease, mud and dust that collects in the engine bay makes this part of the vehicle unsightly. In this process, high quality chemicals are used to remove grease and grime to ensure that the engine also looks the part. Specialist tools are used to get to the awkward parts of the engine bay area.  The engine bay wash can be time consuming as the process might have to be repeated depending on the amount of grease and grime build up. 

Next, we start with the exterior of the car. The vehicle’s body is hosed down to remove surface dust. Thereafter, the vehicle is snow foamed and washed using a two-bucket method. The two-bucket method uses grit guards that allows the heavier dirt to sink to the bottom of the bucket. We only use superior wash products to remove old wax and dirt.

Wheel Cleaning

The wheels are removed and cleaned with special wheel cleaning products. We use high quality wheel brushes that removes the brake dust/dirt deposited over a long period of time. The wheels are given a treatment that leaves it shiny. This only applies to certain packages.

Wheel Arches

The wheel arches collect mud and brake dust which creeps into the shocks, springs, wheel arch covers and brake disks.  We carefully remove grime using our special cleaning agents and brushes. We also restore all the trims in the wheel wells back to its original condition.

Clay Bar Treatment

The Clay Bar Treatment makes use of a detailing clay bar, detailer’s spray and microfibre cloths that removes surface contaminants. This process leaves the body work cleaner and smoother. This is an essential step before conducting paint correction.

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