Interior detailing

Interior detailing is all about removing any bad odours, dirt and stains with our high-quality chemicals, vacuum and steam cleaning equipment. During this process, we pay careful attention to any electronics such as the GPS head unit to avoid any electrical damage. Interior detailing is a tedious process and therefore can take up to a full day depending on the condition of the interior. It is also important to note that we do our best to remove stains, however, there are certain interior fabrics where the stains cannot be removed. We also offer interior ceramic coatings for leather seats to protect it from dirt, stains and harmful UV rays. Our interior coatings also contain hydrophobic properties to repel any liquids that may come in to contact with the interior, which prevents any permanent staining. With our interior ceramic coatings, it makes interior cleaning a breeze for you.  

Seats & Carpets

The seats are treated with our superior chemicals that will safely remove any dirt and stains and will not leave a greasy/oily finish. The carpets are removed from the car and steam cleaned to remove any dirt and stains.  In addition, we add a great scent to the carpets.

The Small Bits

The pedals, gearknob, dashboard, interior rubbers and air-con vents are cleaned with our special detailing brushes to remove any dirt/dust. Thereafter, we use our nano-polisher to remove any scratches on the shiny interior pieces such as carbon fibre trims in the vehicle.

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