Paint Correction

Depending on the condition of the paintwork, we recommend the appropriate polishing stages.  These polishing stages help remove imperfections such as overspray, swirls, light scratches and sometimes even the dreaded bird droppings that might have etched into the paintwork. We use high quality master detailing polishers, pads and compounds for various stages. In order to ensure that we don’t cut too deep into the paint, we have a special tool that checks the thickness of the paint.  Older cars may have thinner paint in some areas due to over polishing, clear coat removed, poor spray work, etc. We use special lighting to have a closer look at the imperfections. It is important to note that if the paint spray work was poorly done, then polishing may result in flaking especially on the edges of windows and taillights.  Also, poor spray work with bubbles may result in the bubble bursting and paint chipping.


Single Stage Polish

This single stage polish will help remove light swirls and scratches. A single stage polish is typically used for brand new cars where there is light scracthes and swirl marks. This process can take between 1-2 days.

Two Stage Polish

The two-stage polish will involve more time, effort and cutting compounds to remove deeper swirls, holograms and scratches. This process can take between 2-3 days depending on the condition of the paintwork.

Three Stage Polish

The 3 stage paint correction involves rectifying heavy swirl marks, paint overspray, water spots and oxidised panels which is a tedious process and can take between 2-3 days depending on the type of paint defects.

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