Paint protection

The final stages of the body work treatment can vary from applying a sealant such as wax/synthetic paint sealants or the ultimate in ceramic coatings or paint protect films.  In order to make your detailing treatment last longer, we use only the finest products, microfibre cloths and the three-bucket method (the extra bucket for your wheels). Do NOT use the automated car washers which will leave your car with swirls. Waxes is a great way of adding a deep shine to your vehicle, however, it needs to be applied on the vehicle every 3-4 months, whereas, ceramic coatings and paint protection films can last between 2-10 years depending on the paint protection package you choose.

Wax Protection

Waxing protects the paint work from pollutants such as rain and the road spray. There are two types of waxes, namely the Carnauba Wax which comes from the carnauba plant and the synthetic wax which is silicon based. The amazing effect is the hydrophobic effect which makes the water run off the car rather than having a beading effect. If the water remains behind, it may result in water marks when it dries. The main reason is to prevent you from making contact with the paint work with dry cloths which may result in scratches. More contact time with the paintwork can result in more scratches. Waxes last between 3-4 months.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are nano ceramic coatings or liquid polymer which creates a chemical bond to the paint of the vehicle and adds a glass layer of protection.  It offers better protection against UV sun rays, bird droppings (obviously removed sooner rather than later), the hydrophobic effect and off course a high-quality gloss. This is more lasting than a wax coating and can last from months to years based on the products used, exposure of the car to the elements and method of after-care when washing. Ceramic coatings will not guarantee protection against deep scracthes and stone chips. Ceramic coatings can last anywhere between 12 months and 5 years.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film is made of thermoplastic urethane or polyurethane. The film is measured in microns and is a clear.  This specially pre-cut film is applied to the vehicle to ensure perfect fit. This clear film adds a layer of protection on top of the vehicles paint work. The film protects the paintwork from chips, bird droppings and minor scratches.  This means that the film can also be replaced. XPEL paint protection films have self-healing properties. If there are chips or minor scratches, then it will ‘repair’ itself in the sun leaving your car in showroom condition. XPEL Paint Protection Films is a great option and will come with a 10 year guarantee.

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